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The Uni Economy accounting system is based on the state-of-the-art technology, with a powerful and robust "engine" under the bonnet.

Thanks to the adaptable and flexible structure of the system, you can be sure that this solution will overcome the challenges encountered.

With Uni Economy, your company will always be well-prepared.

Why choose Uni Economy?

Efficient cloud-based accounting with its own banking module and customer administration. The invoice receipt system is able to translate, enter, allocate and post - automatically. Full overview of the economics directly from the home screen.

Smooth cooperation

You can contact us via chat or messaging right to the document and order level. Take this opportunity to communicate quickly, securely and effortlessly with your colleagues or advisors.

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Open and integrable

The Uni Economy system meets the strictest requirements of API (Application Programming Interface) standards in Norway. Our open API makes Uni Economy available for extensions, special customisations and integration with your favourite systems.

Automated processes

The system allows you to automate everything from the receipt of invoices with translation, automatic allocation and entering proposal, up to the automatic creation of customer, supplier and employee. Set up recurring invoicing and let the system generate and send invoices at intervals of your choice. Uni Economy also features automation of deposits and withdrawals and bank reconciliation tracking.

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Logical and user-friendly

Log in to Uni Economy through the website or mobile app. Simplified reports, tables/reviews and registrations are created specifically for the end user who will be able to operate these processes without any training required.

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Together with Uni Economy
we can make your professional life much easier.

Contact us to find out when our cooperation may begin.