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We are proud and happy to inform you that

that Omega Accounting AS has recently become part of the Rödl & Partner family and changed its name to Rödl & Partner Accounting AS

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"DNB Regnskap is a simple accounting program for companies. Here you can get banking and accounting in one."

says Ellen Dokk from DNB.

Rödl & Partner Accounting AS is a certified partner and professional user with high system expertise at DNB Regnskap.

You can read the whole article on DNB’s website.

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DNB Regnskap is very easy to use, which is good because many of our customers do not have accounting training, says Lubova Afanasjeva. Photo: Private


What makes us unique?


We have many years of experience in accounting and continuously develop ourselves by updating our professional knowledge and participating in training courses.


We attach great importance to rendering services in a timely manner and reminding you to provide the necessary documentation in case you forget to do so yourself.

Excellent service

We learn about your business and see things you may be missing. Through close collaboration we identify the right solutions and relevant tools to help you add value to your company.

Fajfer Eriksen

President of the management board


What do our
customers say about us?

Our partner
Seland Roedl

Seland | Rödl & Partner AS is our partner in legal services. They are a medium-sized Norwegian law firm with 17 lawyers, located at Parkveien 55 in the central business district of Oslo. Seland | Rödl & Partner has solid experience and expertise in tax law, corporate law, employment law, real estate, family law, as well as inheritance law.

Seland | Rödl & Partner AS provides clear and practical advice, anchored in the client's commercial needs. They collaborate closely with our colleagues from an international law and audit firm Rödl & Partner, which has over 100 offices in 55 countries.


Our partner

Uni Micro

The Uni Economy accounting system is based on the state-of-the-art technology, with a powerful and robust "engine" under the bonnet. Thanks to the adaptable and flexible structure of the system, you can be sure that this solution will overcome the challenges encountered. Thanks to possessing Uni Economy, your company will always be well-prepared.

Rödl & Partner Accounting AS is a certified Uni Micro AS accounting office.

Quality and accuracy are extremely important qualities to look for when choosing an accounting firm. By implementing Uni Micro's annual certification program, Rödl & Partner Accounting AS shows that they are keen to stay up to date and facilitate up close and good cooperation with their customers.
Uni Silver Partner web
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DNB Regnskap

Rödl & Partner Accounting AS is a certified partner and professional user with high system expertise at DNB Regnskap.

Together with the bank and with us, you will work in a cloud-based accounting system, which will enable you to do the tasks that You feel comfortable with on your own, and leave the more complicated tasks to us.

DNB Regnskap is a new modern accounting system built on Uni Micro's platform. With Rödl & Partner Accounting AS's expertise in both DnB accounting and Uni Micro, you will receive an unique offer, which enables You to choose which tasks are to be performed by you, and which by the accountant. 

Quoting DnB: «Accountants work efficiently and in the same system as the customer. It is designed for interaction, which means that You always have overview and control, and can be good advisers."

Talk with us, we will find the best solution together!

Rödl & Partner Accounting AS has recently established a partnership with debt purchase and collection company Intrum.

You will now be able to get access to a portal which can be used to send over case files that are 14 days overdue. Intrum takes care of payment reminders and requests until the money is back in the account.

The service costs NOK 1500,- only and is set up for our customers’ needs. You pay NOK 0 per case and can send in an unlimited number of cases.

If a payment is more than 60 days overdue, Intrum will take an 8% fee.

Please confirm whether you consent to setting up the service. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.!

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