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Having problems collecting debts?

Why use a professional debt collection agency?

Many people associate debt collection with receiving money from customers who otherwise would not have paid. In reality, debt collection gives your business more financial benefits than avoiding losses. Debt collection increases the probability that your customer prioritises paying the invoice from your particular company, and that the invoice is paid faster. Professional debt collection agencies can help you with:

Reduced credit time - You get your money faster from the customer

Increased liquidity - Debt collection is an effective tool for reducing credit life, which in turn leads to better liquidity

High resolution - You receive several outstanding amounts

In other words, debt collection makes it easier to have good financial routines in your business.

What is debt collection?

Debt collection is the follow-up of unpaid invoices after the invoice matures. In other words, debt collection means that you collect money from customers who have not paid their bills on time. Debt collection can be done by the seller himself, or by a debt collection agency.

How does debt collection work?

Collecting overdue monetary claims can be a cumbersome process, and it is important that it is done correctly. The debt collection process contains several different steps, and potentially involves a number of instances if the case goes far. Sometimes it means that we send a letter or an SMS, while other times we have to involve the bailiff and the judiciary.

We want to make it clear that debt collection is a fresh product. From experience, we know that the sooner you get started with the debt collection process, the more likely you are to get your money quickly.